If you were to ask Ford what they do, they would tell you they make vehicles. If you ask the Church what we're called to do, it's make disciples.

 But how?

We reject the idea that there’s a machine-like program for making people Jesus followers. We live life together and model Jesus for others. The Holy Spirit does the rest. That’s how we make disciples.
— Kevin Stamps, Founding Pastor

While there isn't a "10 steps to Jesus" program, we do believe there are basic ways we bring people into the family of faith. We call the way we make disciples "Belong. Believe. Become."



Think about the people around you.

For un-churched, de-churched, or simply new “baby Christians” belonging to something bigger than themselves can be a scary thing. The first step in our disciple-making process is to help the person feel like they belong to a better image of this broken world and feel welcomed even with all their past baggage, hurts, struggles, and damage they may feel they have. No perfect people allowed.

The How: First time guests receive a gift and we have a specific follow-up system within our team. We invite new families into our homes for dinner or to coffee dates. Our JumpStart Coffee Ministry meets weekly to reach out to people without actually having to come to church. Our Hangouts were the meat of the ministry in the beginning and we plan to go deeper into that with monthly gatherings. We literally just get together, eat, and hangout!


Once our people have come into the ministry and have made the decision to follow Jesus we want to affirm their commitment with individual growth. We understand that people at all levels of spiritual maturity will be among us so there is no set standard for this step, however, we should always be growing and taking measures to reach complete sanctification through God’s graces, mercies, and love. We will work together in building our own understandings for the Church as a whole as well as where we fit within the Body.                                

The How: The first step in making the commitment to following Jesus is a public display via baptism. Individual growth needs to happen with digging into the word deeper and community is a great way to do so with LifeGroups. Our LifeGroups will be seasonal but our Men’s and Women’s ministries meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and are all about connection with those we “do life” with. Celebrate Recovery is another program we plan to begin again in the near future.


After our people have come to be a part of the family with their commitment to the Kingdom and have dedicated their time to growing in their faith then we ask them to become a servant for Jesus. God expects us to use our time, talents, and gifts to bring glory to Him and it starts with laying down ourselves to exalt Him. Serving is not only a Sunday morning task but something that is asked of us each and every day. We need to serve in our homes, we need to serve in our communities, and we need to serve in the congregation.

The How: Discover what you’re passionate about and plug Jesus into that picture. Serving in children’s ministry once a month, bake snack for the hospitality team, or even just handing out the bulletins at the door are all ways we can serve at the church. We like to incorporate our Hangouts with a “serving before” of some kind. Deliver goodie baskets to the local Fire Station, lay mulch at the local elementary school, deliver hotdog sack lunches to local impoverished areas are all ways to serve the community. To serve in your home is to love Jesus first so that you’re leading those around you on an intimate level. Ministry begins within your walls, remember, Sunday mornings are only an hour a week and we must decide how we grow our families the rest of the 167 hours you get.



The High Ground, or any local church, should be good news for the entire community. We want to be a collection of individual missionaries. You don't have to travel to a third world nation to be a missionary (although some feel called to do so).


After a High Grounder is following Jesus, we expect him/her to live on mission at home, in the workplace, and even at Starbucks. We want to be a collection of people making our community better through serving others.


Eventually, we want our entire mission to be sent to other areas as we expand into new places and reach new people.