SUNDAYS // 9:00-9:35 CHECK-IN // 9:35AM START TIME

Our nursery is lead by people who love babies! Your child is not simply "watched". We play with your child, ensure a safe atmosphere, and treat your child as our own.

Kids up to 5 year olds

Here’s what you can expect at (HG)Tots!

  • Craft

  • Structured play time

(HG)Tots allows kids to enjoy our safe and fun, age-appropriate activities with highly qualified supervision, while adults enjoy the worship service or volunteering!


Kindergarten-5th Grade

SUNDAYS // Kids are dismissed after sharing worship with us.

(HG)Kids is where kids can sing songs, hear a Bible story, make crafts and play games. To sum it up, the kids will have fun learning about Jesus!

Welcome to (HG)Kids! On Sundays at The High Ground, we offer programs for kids from Kindergarten through the 5th grade.

Fun, safe and age-appropriate worship for kids! K-5th graders start worship in the main worship space and sing with us, learn about our giving time, and participate in worship just like the adults! Then, right before the teaching time, they are released to (HG)Kids to learn a lesson that is age-appropriate.

At The High Ground, we use a computerized check-in system that identifies each child with a unique code. This allows us to easily and anonymously communicate with you if your child needs your attention during the service.  You will be given a printed tag with the number on it after checking your child into (HG)Kids.

Safety is a priority, so thank you for helping us keep the (HG)Kids’ areas safe!

The High Ground began in a home. However, there are so many kids in our church, we quickly outgrew the home. This trend still exists in our church today. Regardless of your child's age, we have a place for him/her.

**Children are checked-in each Sunday using a state-of-the-art digital system. A sticker with a random code will be given to the guardian and another placed on the child. This will ensure the right child goes to the right guardian. Allergies and phone numbers are listed on the sticker as well. All volunteers have passed NATIONAL background checks and follow our Safe Sanctuaries safety plan.**