Want to visit on a Sunday? Here's what you can expect.


Where do you meet?

We meet at 10AM every Sunday, at 1995 S. Dixie Blvd, Radcliff.


When do you meet?

We gather every week on Sunday to worship. LifeGroups, which serve as our main discipling strategy, meet throughout the month and study certain topics / books and serve in the community.


What do I wear?

Clothes. Seriously, we don’t care. Well, except the whole “wear clothes” thing. You really do have to wear some form of clothing.


Can my kids come?

Always. At any event. At any time. You don’t have to ask. Ever. We have children’s pastors and a congregation full of people who love children. Let your children be part of High Ground Kids.


What is worship like?

Our worship is modern, celebratory, and upbeat. We want you to leave worship feeling better than you did when you came in. We value practical teaching and giving people something they can “hold onto”. You will not be “called on” or asked to stand or introduce yourself or anything like that. Our music is modern and features a full band. You will be given a Worship Guide in order to follow the teaching.

9:30-10:00 Arrive, check kids into Children’s Ministry, and get some coffee/refreshments

10:05 Worship begins

11:00 Worship is done, hang around and meet people and check your child out of the Children’s Ministry area.


What kind of people come to The High Ground?

Winners, losers, the lost, the found and anyone in between. Typically, we’re a group of people who take Jesus’ commands to love our neighbor very seriously. We tend to have a pioneering spirit and aren’t afraid to try new things and engage our culture.